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Liturgical Ministries

Dr. Paul Ciotti, Director of Worship
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Objective: To assist with the distribution of the Eucharist with the ordinary ministers (Bishop, Priest or Deacon) of communion during Sunday Masses, Weekday Masses, Funerals, Holy Days, and other Eucharistic celebrations. To bring the Eucharist to the homebound, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities: Distribution of the Eucharist, ciborium  or chalice. In some cases, set-up for Mass  and/or cleaning of vessels after the liturgy. Attend formation/ongoing workshops. Attend Liturgical Ministers’ Evening of Reflection.

Qualifications: Baptized and confirmed members of our faith community who have receive their First Eucharist, Confirmation and are a person of prayer. If married, in an appropriate Catholic valid marriage. You are an engaged participant in the liturgy who has liturgical awareness and flexibility in the liturgy. Also having a love of the Eucharist and are appointed by the Pastor of the parish.

Liturgical Catechesis: Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Proper Care and Cleansing of Altar Linens and Sacred Vessels


Objective: To proclaim the Word of God during Mass so that all can hear and understand clearly; spoken in a way that holds everyone’s attention. Assist in the Universal Prayers.

Duties and Responsibilities: Read from the lectionary and proclaim the “Word of God” at Sunday liturgies, Weekday liturgies, Funerals, Holy Days, and other liturgical celebrations. Prepare and practice the delivery of the text using the Lector’s Workbook. Attend formation/ongoing workshops. Attend Liturgical Ministers’ Evening of Reflection.

Qualifications: Public speaking skills and a love for liturgy. The Reader needs an understanding of the narrative, the ability to interpret scripture and communicate it effectively. S/he to have the ability to bring the Word of God to life with one’s voice through inflection, pacing, and other speech techniques. And to be a person of prayer.

Liturgical Catechesis: Readers


Objective: To direct, lead, support, enhance, and inspire the congregation’s prayer through music.

Duties and Responsibilities: Leader of song, music direction, liturgical music planning, participation at Sunday Liturgies, Holy Days, Funerals, Weddings, and special liturgical celebrations, participation in Music Ministry as a team player.

Qualifications: A person of prayer with musical talent, knowledge of musical direction, public speaking ability, and liturgical understanding. An understanding of “music leadership as prayer.” A willingness to prepare, practice, and rehearse liturgical music. Comfortable with the church’s repertoire of music. Awareness of sound systems.

Liturgical Catechesis: Music Ministry


Objective: To assist the priest during Mass and grow in a deeper awareness and participation in the Liturgy. To assist priest or deacon at wedding ceremonies and Funerals. Youth and adults are needed.

Duties and Responsibilities: Help with set-up before Mass. Hold sacramentary for priest during prayers. Prepare the altar at preparation rite. Attend formation/ongoing workshops. Attend Liturgical Ministers’ Evening of Reflection.

Qualifications: Baptized members of our faith community who have receive their First Eucharist and are a person of prayer. Must have a willingness to learn and able to serve at various liturgies. The time commitment requires maturity and flexibility. Youth must 3rd Grade or higher.

Liturgical Catechesis; Altar Servers and Sacristans Ministry


Ushers are an extremely important part of the St. John the Evangelist Parish. It goes way beyond the simple definition of an official doorkeeper whose duty it is to show people to their seats. We at St. John the Evangelist, consider the ushers to be ambassadors for the church. They serve as our “front line” and provide a very important “first impression” of our parish to those attending Mass.

The goal of our ushers is to help maintain, as well as improve the church-going experience for all parishioners and visitors of
St. John the Evangelist. With this goal in mind, we have developed the following set of responsibilities for our ushers which can be viewed clicking on the below link.

Usher Responsibilities


Objectives: To welcome parishioners and visitors. Assist in maintaining orderliness and helping gatherers find appropriate seating.

Duties and Responsibilities: Help parishioners find seats. Hand out bulletins and worship aids. Answer questions from gatherers. Find people to bring up Gifts at Preparation. Collect offerings during Mass. Bag and secure donations. Assist with light clean-up after liturgy.

Qualifications: Desire to greet people. Friendly, at ease smiling and greeting, confident, a positive attitude. Communicate clearly, easy to understand. Acquainted with the church and its activities. Training in First Aid Kit, CPR, and defibrillator.