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Auction Committee
Contact at (978) 251-8571, ext 212.  The Youth Ministry Auction will be held on Saturday December 6th after the 4pm Mass

Objectives: To raise monies for parish needs that might not be met through the established budget.
Duties and Responsibilities: Various duties exist such as admissions, payouts, callers, accounting, verifying winners, and kitchen staff. The time commitment is four hours weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
Qualifications: Being at ease in counting money and making change along with a good rapport with people is helpful.
Contact: Jim Shannon at 978-251-9710.

Capital Club
Contact either Vanessa Johnson at (979) 458-2692 or Connie Sylvia at (978) 251-7037

Annual Golf Tournament
Contact either Bob Chevalier at (978) 649-1148 or Ron Bator at (978) 251-8027

Annual Youth Ministry Yard Sale
Contact: at 978-251-8571 ext 212

This years yard Sale will be held the weekend of October 4th & 5th.