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Collaborative Parish Council

The Chelmsford Collaborative Parish Council was formed on July 12, 2015. In order to promote communications and transparency throughout the Chelmsford Catholic Collaborative, you are encouraged to forward any comments and concerns you may have directly to  or (978) 251-8571, ext 145.

The current members of this council are as follows:

From St. Mary’s: Cliff Mann (co-chair), Laura Conte, Karen Drake, Peter Lando, Lori McDonald, Alma (Chiki) Regazio, Paul Sidari, Paul Therrien
From St. John’s: Angela McMaster (co-chair), Mike Condor, Scott Davidson, Ross Drew, Juliana Magbondzi, Julie Seitter, Ray Wagner (Secretary), Laura Zatta
Youth Members: Rachel Beechin (SJE), Jessica Hagg (SM), Matt Larson (SM), Matt Pontbriant (SJE)

Below, please find the minutes of our meetings…

PPC Meeting: November 5, 2017

PPC Meeting: October 1, 2017

PPC Meeting: September 10, 2017

PPC Meeting: May 7, 2017

PPC Meeting: February 6, 2017

PPC Meeting: November 6, 2016

PPC Meeting: October 2, 2016

PPC Meeting: September 11, 2016

PPC Meeting: June 5, 2016

PPC Meeting: May 15. 2016

PPC Meeting: April 3, 2016

PPC Meeting: March 6, 2016

PPC Meeting: January 3, 2016

PPC Meeting: December 6, 2015

PPC Meeting: November 1, 2015

PPC Meeting: October 4, 2015

PPC Meeting: July 12, 2015