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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is one of two consultative bodies within the parish that is required either by the Archdiocese or canon law (the other group is the Finance Council).  The PPC’s role is to give advice and counsel on overall pastoral planning for the parish.  The PPC Represents the whole parish, not just special interests or areas that we are most connected to personally.  Members are asked to listen to other parishioners about issues involving St. John’s and –if needed– bring the issue to the PPC.

January 3, 2016.PPC Minutes

December 6, 2015.PPC Minutes

July 21, 2014 PPC Minutes

May 18, 2014 PPC Minutes

January 26, 2014 PPC Minutes

November 3, 2013 PPC Minutes

September 29, 2013 PPC Minutes








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