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Altar Guild
Objectives: To keep the sanctuary clean and beautiful.
Duties and Responsibilities: To keep the Sacristies neat, clean, and organized. To care for the altar linens and keep the brass polished. One (1) hour monthly ~ Two (2) hours for brass polishing for the holy days.
Contact: Joan Roy at 978-692-6512

Art & Environment
Objectives: To enhance the liturgy with the atmosphere and environment in the church. To be attentive and responsive to the liturgical seasons. To highlight all of God’s creation.
Duties and Responsibilities: Planning, executing, and maintaining décor and adornments in the sanctuary and assembly space. Maintenance of plants and flowers. Ironing.
Qualifications: Knowledge of the Catholic Church’s documents on Art and Environment. A liturgical vision. Good collaborator. Artistic and creative abilities; horticultural skills.
Contact: at 978-251-8571, ext 234.

Children’s Liturgy
Objectives: To instill action in the Gospel message and spread the “Good News” to our elementary students. Introduce a deeper meaning of God’s Word to children.
Duties and Responsibilities: Lead children in public prayer. Homiletics. Prepare texts and homily for children. Prepare visual aids, worksheets, and other supplemental material as needed.
Qualifications: An understanding of child development and learning strategies. Able to convey God’s Word to children at their level and lead a diverse group of children. An understanding of “Liturgy of the Word”; lector experience or training. Knowledgeable about the Bible and the day’s readings. Good organizational and time management skills. A person of prayer who is also patient and fun-loving.
Contact: Deidre Schiefen at 978-251-5278

Culture & Worship

Liturgical Committee
Objectives: To plan parish liturgies, according to an informed understanding of the Church’s liturgical documents. Assessing and responding to liturgical needs of the parish in order to spread the good news. Coordinate all liturgical ministries.
Duties and responsibilities: Work closely with pastoral staff on various liturgical preparation activities. Attend monthly meetings and working sessions. Coordinate special liturgical celebrations.
Qualifications: A person with a love of the Liturgy and a working knowledge of liturgy. A willingness to learn. Openness, cheerfulness, and good collaboration skills. A capacity to observe and give appropriate feedback.
Contact:  at 978-251-8571, ext 234.

The new translation for the Holy Mass can be found at the USCCB website: