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Auditors and Counters
Objective: Counting weekly offertory collections.
Duties and Responsibilites: Counters serve in teams of two to sort and count weekly offertory collections.  Parishioners are nominated by the current Finance Council members, and are then appointed by the Pastor. The time commitment is four to five hours bi-monthly on Sunday mornings.
Qualifications: A detail-oriented person who is at ease with counting money.
Contact:  978-251-8571, ext 213

Finance Council
Objectives: The Finance Council assists the Parish staff in making sound financial decisions.
Duties and Responsibilities: Develop a yearly budget, monitor monthly actual budgets vs. plan results, research information needed decision-making, plan both short and long term capital projects, and audit the weekly offertory collections.  The time commitment is two hours monthly; two hours once every months on a Sunday afternoon; and two Diocesan seminars per year. Members are appointed to serve three year terms by the pastor.
Qualifications: Professional experience in one of the following areas: finance/budgeting; personnel; building trades; accounting; computers; and investments.
Contact: 978-251-8571, ext 213