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Confirmation Grades 9 – 11

Confirmation Program Guidelines at St. John the Evangelist Parish

  • The Confirmation Program is a two year program (grade 9 and 10) with the Sacrament of Confirmation conferred in the fall of the eleventh grade.
  • The components of the Confirmation Program are community, catechesis, worship and service.

Community: belonging to the Church.  Candidates develop a sense of belonging to the community when they attend catechetical sessions with other candidates. Regular attendance is encouraged.

 Catechesis: knowing the Teachings of the Catholic Church.  Candidates should have a well developed understanding of the faith and of their own level of faith development.  In this way they can profess as their own the faith in which they have been baptized.

The parish is the ordinary place for Confirmation catechesis, even for students from Catholic high schools.  Although these candidates are not expected to repeat everything they have learned, they must participate in all the other components of the Confirmation program at St. John’s.

Worship: participating in the prayer life of the Church.  Regular active participation in the Sunday Eucharist is a central element in determining a candidate’s readiness for the sacrament of Confirmation.

As an extension of worship, our program will assist the candidate in becoming a person of prayer.  To facilitate this dimension of the preparation, a retreat, with mandatory attendance, will be held in each grade—nine and tenth.

Service: witnessing Christ’s life of service.  Candidates are to participate in projects of Christian service.  These projects should be concrete and should truly assist those in need.  This is not simply a requirement for Confirmation, but an expression of that service which is essential to the Christian life.  We ask that they complete service and a reflection in each of these areas: Spiritual, Service  and  Social Activity.   Below are some service ideas to consider.  All students will be provided with a list of opportunities available at the beginning of the year.

  1.  Parish life (serving at liturgy, serving as a catechist in the parish religious education program, vacation bible fun).
  2. Community based opportunities (soup kitchens, nursing homes).
  3. Immersion experiences (Catholic Heart Work Camp, Habitat for Humanity).
  4. A group project planned and executed by the group under an agreed “contract.” (Clothing drive, collecting school supplies for our sister parish in Sierra Leone).

There is no required number of service hours; rather candidates are encouraged to participate in three service opportunities annually.

Religious ed schedule 2017-2018

Confirmation Class dates & times:  Sunday class will begin with the 10:30 Mass and class will immediately follow in the Church Hall

Grade 9      October   1*, 15                November  19              December   3, 17            Jan    21              Feb    4, 25         March   4, 18        April  29

Grade 10    Oct    22*                          Nov    12                      Dec    10                         Jan   14, 28          Feb   11             Marc    11, 25        April  8, 22        May 6

Grade 10 Confirmation candidates are required to attend one retreat.  There are three options to choose from;                                                                                                   December 16th at St. Mary’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     January 20th at St. John’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         February 3rd at St Mary’s

You can sign up through the link below.

Grade 11 Retreat: October  28, 2017.  Students and Sponsors will meet in the Church Hall at 10:45  All Candidates and Sponsors will have the opportunity to attend the sacrament of Reconciliation followed by a rehearsal.  If the Sponsor cannot attend a parent must attend in their place.

 * Celebration of Confirmation October 29, 2017 at the 5pm Mass

Forms Needed:

Baptismal Certificate copy

First Communion Certificate copy

Sponsor Form

Confirmation Letter of Intent addressed to Bishop Hennessey

For more information, please contact our Confirmation Coordinator or Coordinator of Faith Formation, , at 978-251-8571 ext 212.

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