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What is a Catechist?

A Catechist is a person of faith who is called by the parish to hand on the tradition and teaching of the Catholic Church to others. This call demands that the catechist understand church teaching and develop appropriate teaching skills. Above that, a catechist recognizes God voice in this call to serve in the teaching ministry of the Church. We encourage the catechist to use the means provided by our Church to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord and the Lord’s People

Sunday September 18th is Catechetical Sunday we would like to invite all Catechists to the 10:30 Commissioning Mass.  Following I will be having a Catechists meeting for Catechists teaching grades K-6.  We have upgraded our book series to the 2013 edition, at this time Bridget Boland from Loyola Press will hold a training to go over the new edition and answer any questions you may have.  For our Catechist Guide click ere CatechistsHandbook20145

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Sunday Grade 1-6 Syllabus

Sunday Grade 1 Syllabus 17-18

Sunday Grade 2 Syllabus 17-18

Sunday Grade 3 Syllabus 17-18

Sunday Grade 4 Syllabus 17-18

Sunday Grade 5 Syllabus 17-18

Sunday Grade 6 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 1-6 Syllabus

Wednesday Grade 1 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 2 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 3 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 4 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 5 Syllabus 17-18

Wednesday Grade 6 Syllabus 17-18

Grade 7 & 8 Altaration Syllabus

7th 8th Grade Altaration Syllabus Wednesday

7th 8th Grade Altaration Syllabus Sunday